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How Will I Behave?

posted Aug 10, 2008, 8:10 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 12, 2008, 10:03 AM ]

By Micky M. Wolf


Revelation comes quickly at times.  We praise our awesome God for those moments when “we get it”; then we pray for the grace, mercy and perseverance to carry this new life within us.


Sitting in my chair late this afternoon, following a lengthy and intense conversation with a beloved sister in Christ, a calmness permeated the room.  And then, in the peacefulness, aware the Spirit was gently touching my heart, I heard Him say…”how would you behave with others if you knew I was with you in each and every circumstance?”


“Well, of course, you are always with me,” I answered.  How else could a believer respond to such a question? 


“No,” He firmly and insistently responded.  “What I mean is…what if you really understood that I am with you in each and every encounter…with those you love, with the stranger you meet…”


“I don’t get it – you’re there; I know that…”


“Yes, I am there…I see…I hear…I feel…every word, every thought, every action, every gesture…”


I took a deep breath.  I was beginning to sense His specific desire, now, to show me something I needed to see. “I’m listening…”  While the words were not spoken out loud, they were audible in every way that transcended the spoken sound.


“The next time you are with someone…on the phone…sitting in your family room…across the table for a meal…traveling from one place to another…see me…open the eyes of your heart…I am there with you…I see…I hear…I feel…every word, every thought, every action…every gesture…”


The stillness and peacefulness…and then again…an awareness of His presence. 


“If you see and know me when I am with you here in this room…If you see and know me in my sanctuary…If you see and know me in the beauty outside your window…Will you see and know that I am with you…where ever you are?”


I took a deep breath.  “Yes, Lord…help me…open the eyes of my heart…that I might behave in a way pleasing to you, where ever I go…”


A sense of sadness began to stir within…


“Why are you sad?”  He asked.


“I do not behave very loving sometimes, Lord.” 


“I know…and that is why I am with you…always…to help you, guide you, lead you, and show you the way…”


The rain outside began to pitter-patter against the window…a tear rolled down my cheek…a tear coming forth from my heart, sensing the gentle touch of my loving Father, a forgiving, loving, compassionate Father who understands His daughter in all her ways…especially when she stumbles, and He reaches to gather her into His arms.     


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