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Be Spontaneous Or Be Left Behind

posted Aug 10, 2008, 7:23 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 12, 2008, 10:02 AM ]

By Micky Wolf


The Lord tells us that we are to receive a Baptism of Fire if we are truly in His will and following Jesus. 


"As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.   [Matthew 3:11]

"He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness.

[Malachi 3:3]


In order to “make fire that burns and purifies”, we need “spontaneous combustion”.  I believe the Lord would have us to know that we have entered a season of His working this “Baptism of Fire” in every soul who will surrender to His divinely ordered “spark”, the fiery moment[s] of intense penetration of our being that stand between us and this baptism that can only happen through “spontaneous combustion”.


I believe the Lord is clearly warning us - “Do not be deceived by a spirit of rationalizing or religiosity that would have you to choose against the action of this spontaneous combustion by believing your choice would be one of “irrational impulsiveness”.  Being the spontaneously available material through which He can work this holiest of fires is NOT the same as “dodging” His persistent pursuit of us by an explanation and rationalizing that “to be spontaneous” is to be “impulsive”.


Our God is a God of purpose; He wastes nothing and He will allow nothing of waste in those who choose to become Christ-like.  He will sit as a smelter and purifier for that is His only choice in carrying out His purpose in those who say, “Yes, Lord, may it be done unto me”. 


This is not a season to be vacillating or “dodging” this process of purification. To be “spontaneously available”, to be the material through which He can work His Baptism of Fire, is “to be moved voluntarily, of one’s own free will…controlled and directed internally.”  If we say our heart’s desire is to “be in His will”, then to resist this baptism is to not be voluntarily available to Him as He would hope for us to be.  We limit His movement in us; we allow a barrier to stand between ourselves and His divine spark of movement that brings about the necessary “spontaneous combustion” that produces the fire.  His is “the hand of the smelter”, He who initiates and sparks the fire, but we must be the “available substance” through which the fire can be ignited, burned, and be “purified like gold and silver”.


For as long as we may resist this “spontaneity of the Spirit and in the Spirit”, whether through fear or indifference, rationalizing or justifying that to do so would be “to be irrationally impulsive”…we will limit the effectiveness of His purifying process within, and eventually, “be left behind”.  To be “impulsive” is to experience “a sudden spontaneous inclination or incitement to some usually unpremeditated action…a propensity or natural tendency usually other than rational…”  We must be prayerful, discerning and most of all, washed in the water of His Word, otherwise, we will be misled into believing that the actions we are choosing to avoid as “being impulsive” are, in reality, choices “made of our natural man” and not of our Spiritual man.


Fear, rationalizing and “dodging” are works of the fleshly, carnal nature.  “Being spontaneous” is an “act of the will”, of voluntarily surrendering our will to His which allows for His purifying Baptism of Fire to burst into a bright flame and fire that not only “refines us into gold and silver’, but “lights” the world around us.


October 26, 2006    

A Letter From Micky Wolf - 2003

posted Aug 7, 2008, 7:58 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 30, 2008, 7:59 PM ]

The year was 1989…the Lord planted a seed in my heart with the vision to be with others on their journey to healing and wholeness.   Sharing dreams and visions can be risky business.  And as we know, the unfolding of the reality of the dream may bear little resemblance to the initial spark of inspiration.  It seems the key is to remain faithful to what the Lord places on our hearts, trusting Him to work out His will and plan. 

The guiding precept of Affirmation Ministries is grounded in Mark 12: 30,31.  However, the reality is that “we can not give away to others what we ourselves do not have to give”.  If we “do not love ourselves” first, in a holistically balanced way, how can we begin to love those in our family, let alone our neighbor, or others in our lives? I sense many, especially women, are struggling, day to day, to be and do all things for so the people in their lives…yet, like myself, realizing at some point that there is something missing…there is an empty place that longs to be filled in a way that provides a truly abiding peace and joy.  

As a broken, troubled, anxious, and self-absorbed woman, life seemed mundane and perfunctory, occasionally punctuated by some intriguing event.  While it would eventually become clear that much of my fear, anger, denial and unforgiveness was rooted in years of a childhood lived in the chaos of life with an alcoholic father, it would also become clear of the need for me to “own and take responsibility” for my own life. When we eventually choose to surrender to Him, the Lord is patient and loving, revealing His will in due time.

All that “had been”, would begin to change in earnest in August 1998.  The next several years would be a season of “being taken apart”…and of “being put back together”…healed, restored, and prepared to “go out”.  These years were used of the Lord to lead me out of woundedness into a place of wholeness; learning intimately what it means to "truly love and be loved" be “authentically affirmed”, and to “authentically affirm” others. 

We, as individudals – single, married, divorced, widowed, avowed religious, young or old, have been created for a special purpose only we can fulfill by the grace, love and mercy of our God, in whose image we have been created.  My heartfelt prayer for you, is that you will find insight, inspiration, encouragement, and support in these pages to assist you in your journey.  And, should we “meet somewhere on the path”…I anticipate with joy the opportunity to do so… 

May Affirmation Ministries be a place where you begin…or continue your journey to wholeness…spiritually, emotionally and physically…

Peace in Christ's Love,

Micky Wolf, Founding Director

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