When "Wounds" Become "Compasses"

posted Aug 10, 2008, 8:33 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 13, 2008, 7:10 PM ]

Undrai and Bridget Fizer



The desire to "prove" something to others comes from the "wounding" within the esteem of a person. You can be anointed and gifted in a certain area in life. However, if the "inner man" or the soul is wounded by misunderstanding, or your "sincere efforts" are looked upon as "lies" and manipulations, it can cause you to unconsciously use your "gifts" to "disprove the lies of others" instead of advancing the purpose of life.

You may think that what others say "doesn't matter," and in some cases, that may be true. But at times, the Father will "test" your endurance and your inner thoughts, just to see if they are still "connected" to others opinions. You don't have the time to "live out your purpose" to simply disprove others opinions or judgments of you or your personality. If you do, you will find yourself "discerning them" instead of "discerning the season" of God in your life.

You don't have time to allow others "misunderstandings" to define you in life. There is no need to "prove" your value or your vision. Prove it to yourself that you can "endure the fire of transformations" that is built in within every godly vision. So many times, people find themselves not being able to endure the process of maturity and godly vision. The reason is that they are in a process to "prove" something "instead" of the process of personal, inner perfection.

When you are in the process to "prove," you will "lose hope, desire, and faith." When you are in a process to "perfect," you will endure what you seemingly "lost," you will "gain a deeper desire," and your faith will increase along with the fire itself! You cannot allow your "wounded" or misunderstood "inner man" (soul) to become the compass and navigator of your purposes in life. When "wounds" are the compass of life, it will always lead you to "other wounded cities, countries, and ministries." Wounds cannot lead to life.

NOTE: "Esteem-driven" ideas and vision will destroy you slowly. It will "allow you" to become "wise" in your own eyes, while at the same time destroy your inner man and his desire to "be intimate in God" and trust in Him. When you are driven by "esteem issues" (i.e., race, age, gender, the past, relationships, abilities, etc.) you will find "solace" only in yourself. You will lose the capacity to hear any truth that causes you to "look inwardly."

Some individuals "feed" off of "esteem issues" in order to have a "life, business, or ministry." They need someone or something "not to believe" in them, just to give them the "edge to fight." The Spirit knows the inner workings and agendas of all these things that "motivate us." His perfecting process will "expose these issues," and if we let Him, He will free us from them as well. We will then discover a "whole new vision, expectation, and power." We will be finally be free from the "power and discerning gifts" of "wounded visions and wounded purposes."


When you "are embedded in the spirit of wounds," you will not feel at peace with your "ministry." Ministry will become some sort of "by product." A gift that you can "turn on and off" at will. You will be consumed with how people view you and speak of you. You will


always be "discerning" of secret walls, handshakes, and comments. Be you. Be comfortable in the purpose in which you were born and the time in which you live.

NOTE: God will not provide for "wounded visions" and "wounded purposes." People may "sow" into your "wounds." But God will not sanction the continuance of a "wounded destiny." He will first seek to "heal the wounded ambassador." Then, as the wound is healed, the "real vision" will become alive and active. What we may consider a "war with the devil" may actually be a "healing of inner wounds and vision." Sometimes, God will "allow" your most sincere efforts to be criticized" in order to "bring perfection in the foundations of your pursuits and objectives. He wants to make you sure in everything you do! (because He's good like that)

When you gain control of your own self and mind, the desire to "prove" will be taken away. God cannot take away a "desire" until He restores the mind of the purpose. When He heals the esteem and the personal value of your life, then everything will become perfected and people will not partake of a "perverted gift." They will finally see and hear kingdom life.

After that, it will not matter what others believe or think about you anymore!