Spiritual Direction

Micky Wolf / Spiritual Director…


Micky Wolf is a certified Spiritual Director, trained through the Ignatian Spirituality Institute under the auspices of John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio. She welcomes your inquiries about spiritual direction and will be happy to talk with you about what is involved whether you are personally seeking direction, or interested in direction for a group.

Generally, the direction Micky Wolf provides is based on “Praying the Ignatian Way”, which incorporates themes and insights as given to us by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises. Such praying is not formulaic or rigid, but organic and flexible, allowing for the particular needs and desires of each person. With the emphasis on developing a more intimate relationship through prayer-conversation with Jesus, the directee will likely experience healing, restoration and deeper peace with God, others and self.




Simply Speaking, What is Spiritual Direction?


Spiritual direction is a process whereby an individual [or group] meet with a Spiritual Director [companion or guide] on a regular basis for the purpose of developing a deeper relationship with God and the Trinity. This kind of experience can unfold in many different ways. The fullness of the discovery of who we are — with all our strengths, weaknesses, sinful tendencies, gifts and abilities — begins with approaching the Master [Jesus], seeking insight and discernment of one’s unique human experiences. A Spiritual Director will pray and discern with you as you ponder whether or not direction is something you are being called to enter into.





Spiritual Director  – A Basic Description…


A spiritual director is someone trained in helping to discover the reality of one’s spiritual condition.  In telling another the truth about ourselves, we begin to understand the truth about who we are as beings with both human and spiritual natures. Honesty with others is as essential to this process as honesty with self. Those wrestling with spiritual and life dilemmas do not need answers but presence — permission to confront the dilemma and struggle with it aloud!  The Spiritual Director, Holy Spirit and the directee come together to form a compassionate, caring relationship that will nurture and encourage the seeker[s] in this discovery.




Some Examples of Spiritual Direction…


  • Ongoing direction relative to unfolding life situations
  • Individual / Group Sessions
  • Individual / Group Guided Retreats
  • Week Parish Retreat
  •  Week Parish Retreat with Advent or Lenten Focus
  • Day Individually Directed Retreat
  • 32 Week 19th Annotation Retreat


“Praying The Ignatian Way”…

Micky is available to present “Praying The Ignatian Way” to your group, organization or school staff. This presentation includes instruction and experiential hands-on activities that will provide meaningful insights for praying as whole human beings — spirit, mind, emotions and body. Offered as a workshop, retreat or in-service, length/content can be designed to suit the particular needs of groups, organizations, or school/parish staff. “The Ignatian Way” truly exemplifies the intersecting of the mystical with the practical — being a contemplative in action.

Contact Information…

Web:    www.affirmationministries.org

Email:   info@affirmationministries.org

Phone:  330.497.9772